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What I look like at the moment.

What I look like at the moment.

About to test the glacier fed waters in Lake Louise, AB.

About to test the glacier fed waters in Lake Louise, AB.

Me. Age 7. I wasn't kidding about the hands thing.

Me. Age 7. I wasn't kidding about the hands thing.

The cutest dog in LA County.  Fight me.

The cutest dog in LA County.

Fight me.


If you want to know the full story of how I became a writer and producer in Los Angeles, you’re going to have to buy me a meal or some fancy coffee. Suffice to say, I didn’t get here the conventional way.

The short version: Midwestern girl moves east for graduate school, drops out, edits film for Nollywood, moves to California, works as an Art Department flunky on indie films, accidentally gets a job in tv as a transcriptionist, keeps getting tv jobs, goes through a lot of crappy family stuff, and starts writing. See? For the low price of a cappuccino, you could fill in the blanks on that life story.

I have this theory, though, that the people we are as adults are exactly who we were at age seven. Life might get in the way a bit in terms of careers, but that’s who we are at are cores.

What was I doing at age seven? Writing stories about fantastic creatures, doing lots of make-believe with the kids in my neighborhood, and making videos at summer camp. I stayed up way past my bedtime reading books from the library. I pretended to nap when my parents had company over, so I could listen to them tell stories. I talked a lot, usually with my hands. I was also a bit of a daredevil and open to new experiences.

So. I was a much smaller, blonder version of who I am now.

I’m a person who doesn’t like being pigeonholed in terms of interests, because the world is fascinating and often as spectacular as it can be ugly. This is reflected in the type of work that I write and produce, which runs the gamut in terms of content: from scripted to unscripted, microfiction to novels (yeah, I’m writing one), and technical writing to creative non-fiction.

Don’t fence me in, man.

I’m passionate about storytelling in all forms. And maybe this is corny, but I believe stories have the power to change the world for the better.

Other things you should know? I’m the proud roommate of the cutest dog in LA County. I grow my own vegetables. I geek out about space missions. My parents gave me a pop-up facts of life book when I was eight and it scarred me for life. I love skydiving, but hate driving fast. I make a banana cream pie that’s so good that people have cried tears of joy while eating it. Oh, and I’m a fire sign.